About us

Dugar + Schuster will be your partner, when high performance and modern machine tools are concerned. For many years, we have been experts for machine tools for the production of light alloy wheels.

Founded in 1974, our company is still owner-managed today. In addition to the sale of machine tools and their spare parts, in 2015 we launched our own CNC V-lathe RDM 4 for light alloy wheels to the European market. In 2018 we started to supply the RDM 4 also as fully automated production line for light alloy wheels.

Dugar + Schuster means assistance right from the beginning. If you opt for a DUGAR + SCHUSTER lathe, we will support your project, commissioning and training of your operator included. The refurbishment of elderly machines are also part of our service, as well as the short-term supply of spares.